Cuisinart: Make Something Fresh

For this design project, I chose a whisk from Cuisinart. The headline and call to action says, “Make Something Fresh” and the ad features the bottom of a whisk with lettuce where the handle would be — a symbolic representation of Cuisinart’s potential in the kitchen.

The Final Project

I chose this project for a few reasons. The market audience is married women, ages 30 to 45. I thought the whisk would be of interest to this demographic since many women are interested in healthy cooking. Hence, the lettuce combined with the whisk. I also chose this project because of its simplicity. It reminded me of the Chipotle burrito ad and it seemed like something I could do with my skill level.

COMM 111 Magazine Ad Julie Christensen

The Photos

I  wanted a whisk with onion greens atop it. I looked online and couldn’t find anything really suitable. I thought about switching to something else, but I was excited about this project. Luckily, my garden is full of greens right now so I improvised by taking my own photos. I took them in my bathtub since that seemed to have the best white light.

lettuce photos 004

Comm 130 whisk and salad 002

A Fresh Design

The whisk is center-aligned in this ad. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I liked the clean, simple look. I used a modern, minimalist font to repeat that simple theme and also put the word “fresh” in green to go with the salad greens. I thought about aligning the word Cuisinart with the fresh, but it seemed more interesting to have it left aligned.

Final Thoughts

Of all the programs we’ve worked on, Photoshop appeals to me the most. I’m enjoying watching tutorials and just playing around in the software. It doesn’t feel intuitive yet and it’s still frustrating, at times, but I can see its potential.


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