Wheels for Dax

A Fast-Moving Intro to Illustrator

For this assignment, we began learning about Adobe Illustrator. It’s a versatile program and I can see it’s potential. I chose large vehicles as the theme for my first project, designing an icon.

draft transportation-01

Things That Go Vroom!

I chose a vehicle theme, in part because their simple shapes seemed achievable for a newbie. Another reason I chose them was that my grandson has been visiting and I’ve spent several hours playing cars with him.

My intended audience is my grandson Dax, and other young children, who like him, are fascinated by anything with wheels. I think the simple lines and bright colors of these icons would appeal to young children, especially when presented as part of a book, puzzle, or other toy.


draft transportation-02draft transportation-03draft transportation-04draft transportation-05

Designed for Motion

In terms of design decisions, I chose a bright, child-friendly color scheme. The vehicles have some repetitive elements, such as the color scheme, the tires, and the rounded rectangle shapes. Contrast is achieved through the odd shapes, such as the dump truck bucket and the cement mixer.

draft transportation-06

draft transportation-07

draft transportation-08


draft transportation-09

Drive for More

Diving into this first Illustrator assignment was exciting and challenging. I’m looking forward to watching some tutorials and continuing to develop my skills.


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