Blue Grass and Blue Jeans: Typography Reverse-Engineer Project

This post features a layered design for Blue Yodel Clothing Co., an Austin-based  company specializing in handmade, vintage jeans and duds. The design, by Steve Wolf, was featured on canva design school’s website. 

The lock-up is a combination of Copper Plate (?) and stencil that knocks out of the sepia-toned image. The overall effect is one of vintage Americana.

original image by Steve Wolf

Make a Statement with Sans Serif

In the example below, we see at least two examples of sans serif, evidenced by their uniform edges and lack of serifs. The ad makes ample use of “All-Caps,” a design no-no, but perhaps for this vintage look, it’s a rule that can be broken.

San Serif example

The Fine Print: Slab Serif

In the second example, the ad uses a type of slab serif. Although it’s hard to see, the thick lines and obvious serifs are consistent with slab serif. It has a heavy weight and an “old-time” feel.

Slab serif example

Putting It Together

The two typefaces in this ad obviously contrast. The streamlined, classic look of the sans serif type contrasts with the more elaborate slab serif. Additionally, the decorative stencil font echoes some of the elements of the slab serif. The sans serif in the top right-hand corner also contrasts because the first line has tall, vertical lines while the second line is stretched out horizontally. Overall, the effect is charming, if somewhat busy.


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